Attitudes are the thoughts and feelings we bring to any situation: the lens through which we choose to see the world.  Healing is the process of making something whole.

To learn what Attitudinal Healing is about, watch this short video:

Attitudinal Healing affirms:

  • the essence of all beings is love
  • health is defined as inner peace and healing of the mind happens through letting go of fear
  • inner peace comes as we release past grievances and forgive in the present moment
  • all manifestations of fear, such as anger, guilt, judgment and greed, block our awareness of the presence of love and peace
  • and most importantly, that in each moment we have a choice . . . do we want to experience this moment through fear or do we want to experience it through love.  What is our attitude?

The 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing give us tools to make this choice through love and forgiveness, and consequently give us a way to access and live with our own inner guidance and inner peace.