Hello. I am a member of Heartlight Center for Inner Peace. I began my journey of self-exploration in these groups in the fall session of 2015. The first day I had no idea what to expect, and by the time the meeting was over I had cried and laughed and felt more than I had ever in my entire 22 years of life. I had finally found a place that I could express the parts of myself that I had been repressing because of not only my own judgements, but others as well. This was a place of pure self-healing through a group environment. I loved the atmosphere and the groups so much, that as soon as that 12-week session was done, I knew I needed to go back. So I did another group during the spring session of 2016.

These groups have shown me what true inner peace feels like and how to achieve that in my everyday life. I’m not saying I am perfect in any way (hahahahaha) but I have a little more understanding of why I feel negative emotions and how to transcend them to a form of peace. So to anyone that feels they are in need of an overall change in life, then I recommend coming to check out a study group and see what you can learn about yourself that you didn’t already know ;)
— ZG
Recently, a friend recommended that I participate in a 12 week course called Attitudinal Healing. Little did I know then, the tremendous impact it would have on my life. Over the weeks I learned how to change my mind set and replace old thinking patterns with constructive positive thoughts. Through AH, I developed a state of happiness and peace I had not known was possible for myself.

I also appreciated how the AH study group was spiritual yet not religious which welcomed people of various backgrounds. However, I was relieved that this course was clearly in alignment with my Christian values and only reinforced my core principles. I wish everyone had the opportunity to learn the Twelve Principles of Attitudinal Healing and establish a higher level of peace in their lives.
— AC
This group was a gift from heaven! It was very beneficial – life changing for me. It was a wonderful experience for my healing process. One of the most helpful aspects of the group was the freedom and space to work through my grief. When I first started the group, I felt like pieces of me had been pulled away from myself – and I kept looking for outside love to fill those voids, always being disappointed when it never really happened. As I finished the group I started to feel wholeness coming back to me. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed. I have noticed a genuine shift in my life, in all my relationships, and especially a great shift in my heart.
— MH
Heartlight is a little gem that I carry in my pocket and in my heart, that brings me comfort and peace when I forget that love is the only thing that is real. Thank you for this gift.
— CM
Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication that you put into
this. This group feeds my soul like nothing else that I’ve ever encountered. It is amazing to me that a group of strangers can come together to create such a safe, warm, loving atmosphere. I felt more centered last night than I have in a very long time! Words truly can not express how grateful I am for this group!!!!
Thank you.
— SG
I joined Attitudinal Healing to help me deal with some sorrow and anger issues and found a whole new way to approach life through the principles and the experiences of others. I have become far more calm and reflective as a result of interacting with these wonderful people.
— PI
When I first got involved with Heartlight, I didn’t know what to expect. I was worried the group was going to consist of complainers and criers and that it would be way out of my comfort zone. Now I am on my third 12 week session and I’m hooked. To be sure, sometimes the stories people share are deep, personal, and highly emotional. But the point is, the people who come to Heartlight are seeking change — not sympathy.

Attitudinal Healing exists to give you the tools to ‘change your attitude, change your life.’ Practical strategies and techniques are taught. The Heartlight study groups give you a roadmap to finding your own answers. As a bonus you will meet others that will change your life. I have been able to apply the Attitudinal Healing principles at work and at home, and I am so glad that I gave it that initial chance.
— JP
As we proceed through life we gleam light from others and our experiences. We learn our truths and profess them cautiously not sure if we will be challenged or accepted. AH has offered me a safe haven to share my truths. In so doing I have found others with similar thoughts and points of view. The commonality of our experiences has allowed me to embrace my beliefs through the framework of the 12 principles.

I have found that I receive the principles at different levels each time that I revisit them. My first exposure gave me great comfort as I was received and was received by others. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my second exposure offered me even more insights into my past, my relationships and my approach to the complexities of life.

AH is non-intrusive and yet can be totally embracing. You accept and act on the components that speak to you. The non judgmental accepting environment affords you the opportunity to process and engage at your own pace. I have found that my best parts are comforting and my in-process parts are loved!

There is much beauty and calm in ‘just lovin them up.’
— DR
I find comfort and healing in the Heartlight groups each week. Recently, I found myself struggling with the issue of others being in the position of making decisions for me that will affect my future. I shared my problem with the group. By the end of the meeting, I felt empowered as I realized that only I have the rudder to my life and I decided that I did not want to give that power away anymore. I still didn’t have any input into the decisions being made, but I left that meeting with knowledge that I could feel alright with whatever happened. This was true attitudinal healing for me.
— PP