Jerry Jampolsky, M.D.  started the first Attitudinal Healing center in 1975 in Tiburon, CA working with children facing life-threatening illness. These children had questions and fears about death and bodies, as did Jerry. Together they explored what it meant to be spiritual beings and not just bodies; what it was like to really know that the essence of our being is love and love is eternal; and what it means to choose how we experience what life brings to us by choosing the thoughts we have about it. As they did this together, they created the Principles of Attitudinal Healing.

Since that time, Jerry and his wife, Diane Cirincione, have worked tirelessly to share this wisdom throughout the world. They have written many books, given workshops and helped create centers in over 30 countries where people come to feel empowered in their everyday choices through learning and using the philosophy and Principles of Attitudinal Healing.

At any moment we can choose peace over conflict and love over fear.
— Jerry Jampolsky, M.D.