frequently asked questions


What happens in a Study Group?

Two trained Facilitators and up to ten participants gather in a circle to explore the 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing through readings, meditations, experiential exercises, written exercises and optional sharing.  We begin and end each meeting by holding hands in silence for a minute.  We refer to this time of holding hands as ‘Joining’ because this practice reminds us we are all connected and gives us the opportunity to mindfully create that connection.  After Joining, the guidelines for the group are read. The guidelines were created by AH International for all Attitudinal Healing groups. These guidelines stress that each person has the power and inner wisdom to do their own healing, so no advice is given and listening is done without comment or judgment ( ).   Study groups are not open to non-registered participants in order to ensure confidentiality and build comfort and trust. 


Do I have to share?

Sharing is always optional, except during 'Check-in', which is a very brief sharing at the start of class, of how one is feeling in that moment as we begin our time together.   At all other times, if we choose to share, we pick up a stone provided on a central table, and for the time we are holding the sharing stone, we know that no one will interrupt us.  When we put the sharing stone down, we know that no one will comment on what we have shared or will give advice because of the understanding that we all have access to our own answers and our only purpose is to heal ourselves.  Confidentiality of what is shared within group is crucial to maintaining the safe environment of the group.  We are committed to assuring those we serve that their confidentiality will be honored within the group.


Is this a religious group?

No.  Attitudinal Healing is not religious. Attitudinal Healing is a spiritual practice which encourages us to develop a greater awareness of how judgement, blame and fear can hold us back from experiencing inner peace. It offers “tools” to consciously choose to let go of fearful attitudes and embrace a loving and forgiving path.


What is the time commitment?

Study Groups meet for two hours per week, for 12 weeks (Fall and Winter) or for 9 weeks (Summer).  Exploring the Principles outside of group is each individual’s choice.  


How will I know when new groups are forming?

There are several ways to find out.  The easiest way is to sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of this or any page in the website.  You will receive emails notifying you of upcoming classes, with a link to our website registration page.  Another way to find out is on our website.  Class information is updated on the ‘Current Study Groups’ page four to six weeks before classes begin.  We also post upcoming group information on Facebook and Instagram.


Should I register if I know I will be missing classes?

We encourage participants to attend at least ten of the 12-week classes, or seven of the 9-week classes. The presence of each member in the group, week after week, creates a level of safety and trust, allowing the participants to explore more deeply.  Absences can impact this dynamic flow for both the individual and the whole.  That being said, we definitely understand that “life happens” and unplanned absences will occur.


Do I have to buy books or supplies?

Part of your tuition includes the cost of a comprehensive participant manual.  Since Attitudinal Healing originated with Dr. Jerry Jampolsky, M.D., you will find that we utilize many of his books during our session.  One of the primary books we use is, Teach Only Love.  We do not require the purchase of this, or any of Dr. Jampolsky’s books on Attitudinal Healing, but some participants do appreciate knowing and choose to purchase a copy of the book for themselves.


What if I can’t afford the tuition?

We have a tuition to cover some of our costs in offering Study Groups.  Heartlight wants anyone who wishes to learn about Attitudinal Healing and experience our groups, to be able to join us. Cost should not be an impediment. We are open to working with you to make participation affordable. Please feel comfortable contacting us if you need to arrange for payment terms other than in full.   


What if I am presently seeing a therapist?

While Attitudinal Healing is not therapy and groups should not be used in place of formal therapy, it does not conflict with traditional counseling.  Our groups are study groups, not support groups.  All participants sign a disclaimer stating that they understand the focus of our Study Groups is to learn and experience the Principles of Attitudinal Healing. The aim is to find peace of mind by developing a non-judgmental, loving attitude toward oneself and others. Because we believe that each individual has their own best answers, no advice is given.


Is Heartlight a local organization?

Yes and no.  Heartlight Center for Inner Peace is a Central New York organization that is a unique part of a world-wide community.  Since Dr. Jerry Jampolsky founded Attitudinal Healing over 40 years ago, hundreds of Centers have been created throughout the world that work with these Principles. Each Center follows the same guidelines that honor the individual’s process and wisdom, yet each Center becomes what is relevant for their community. Heartlight is recognized and supported by Attitudinal Healing International, who’s mission is to support all established, independent Centers in their growth and innovative adaptations of Attitudinal Healing.  For more information about Attitudinal Healing International and Attitudinal Healing, visit .


Is the tuition tax deductible?

The tuition is not tax deductible as participants receive a manual and attend a facilitated Study Group (i.e. receive a service). However, contributions to Heartlight Center for Inner Peace would be tax deductible as we are a registered 501(c)(3) organization .