Freedom to be Peaceful

Freedom can be defined as the absence of fear where no person or situation has control over us. We all want this in our personal, national and international worlds. This freedom can be ours when we choose to let go of our fears...not by focusing on what we're afraid of and pushing it away, or by thinking that someone or something has to change before we can let it go, but by choosing to release it into non-judgmental, compassionate thoughts and peaceful feelings in that moment. This releasing of fear by choosing love is a powerful path to peace.

Our attitude determines how we see people and situations. When we choose to see the world as a place filled with anger, judgement, guilt, blame (all expressions of fear), that's what we see in ourselves and that's what we experience. Everything becomes something to be afraid of. When we look at what's good, kind and loving in those around us, that's what we see in ourselves and that's what we experience. This works in the other direction, too. What we experience within determines our perception of a person or situation. I'm sure each of us can think of times when we realized that our fear of a situation was making it worse. I know I've caught myself thinking, "What am I afraid of?" Fear blocks my ability to be free in that moment to experience peace.

When we are aware of our fear, we have a choice. We can look at the same situations differently and a calmer, more peaceful solution can be found. At that moment, we become from the pressure of our fear and the conflict within and around us that it caused. We become free to experience an inner peace that can then extend to the world beyond.