Holiday Hopes

As we go through these holidays, our hope is that we take the time to be aware of our heart, and to experience the peace and joy that comes with knowing we are love.

With the rushing traffic, the "need" to fill those holiday gift lists, the money concerns, etc etc, comes the angst of not "getting it all done", not picking the "right" gift, not being able to be with our loved ones as much as we would like, of not being enough.  Behind it all is the fear of separation....from our own heart and from each other. 

We are enough, and love will always break down separation. 

The Principles of Attitudinal Healing define health as inner peace and healing as letting go of fear.  When we can remember that love is the essence of everyone and the most powerful force in the universe, nothing else seems as important. These principles are awesome tools for remembering and using that knowledge to enjoy our time doing whatever it is we are doing with whomever we are doing it. 

So especially at this time of year, which is holy for many traditions, our prayer is that we remember and spread the light of love.  We know we will forget and get frazzled and prickly sometimes, but our intention is to remember, as quickly as we are able, to use the tools of our spiritual practice, so we can enjoy and share in the love and the joy of others.