Today, try these exercises:  

1. Smile gently to extend love or goodwill, with no expectation of anything in return.  If you smile because you see the beauty in another or in nature, you come to know the beauty in yourself.  

2. Be aware of what you are learning, whether your teacher is a child, a loved-one or a situation.  At the same time, see how you are also teaching through your actions and words.  Attitudinal Healing encourages us to be aware that we are always giving and receiving, always teaching and learning and that we can choose to do all with love.    

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Holiday Hopes

As we go through these holidays, our hope is that we take the time to be aware of our heart, and to experience the peace and joy that comes with knowing we are love.

With the rushing traffic, the "need" to fill those holiday gift lists, the money concerns, etc etc, comes the angst of not "getting it all done", not picking the "right" gift, not being able to be with our loved ones as much as we would like, of not being enough.  Behind it all is the fear of separation....from our own heart and from each other. 

We are enough, and love will always break down separation. 

The Principles of Attitudinal Healing define health as inner peace and healing as letting go of fear.  When we can remember that love is the essence of everyone and the most powerful force in the universe, nothing else seems as important. These principles are awesome tools for remembering and using that knowledge to enjoy our time doing whatever it is we are doing with whomever we are doing it. 

So especially at this time of year, which is holy for many traditions, our prayer is that we remember and spread the light of love.  We know we will forget and get frazzled and prickly sometimes, but our intention is to remember, as quickly as we are able, to use the tools of our spiritual practice, so we can enjoy and share in the love and the joy of others.

Now is the only time there is. How do I want to experience it?

We create our experience of life through our thoughts and attitudes . . . be they peaceful and loving or fearful and judgmental. And when do we create this experience? Not in the past and not in the future because the past and the future don't exist right now. We can only choose our thoughts and create our perceptions in the present moment.  And when is it not the present moment?  Never.  It is always now.  This means we are always choosing our thoughts and creating our experience. So, I ask myself, "What do I want to experience now? Do I want my present to be filled with past grievances or future fears which make me anxious or angry?" Not if I can help it.   And I can!

Attitudinal Healing Principle 4:  Now is the only time there is, and each instant is for giving.

Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness

Forgiveness is unquestionably the concept most central to Attitudinal Healing. Holding onto unforgiving thoughts and attitudes is the biggest block to experiencing love in our life.  How do we stop replaying the old tapes that keep us holding on to past grievances toward ourselves and others?  The attitude of true forgiveness does not mean that we deny what has happened.   The key is to have the willingness to forgive, to release past hurt and choose to live in the present. Forgiving someone is like freeing them from prison only to discover the real prisoner was you.

The Reward is Great

In the last two blogs, we have looked at how making the choice to let go of fear and release into loving, peaceful thoughts in any moment will determine our experience of the world. This is a simple concept that can be difficult to do, but the reward is great.

What would you like to be your reward for choosing to let go of the blocks caused by fear? Do you want more peaceful relationships?  Would you like to live a calmer, more connected life?   Do you want to better be able to use your gifts to contribute to society? Do you want to have fun and smile more? Would you like to experience yourself as love?

There are many paths to the wisdom of inner peace.  Attitudinal Healing is a path that I have chosen because it is cross-cultural, practical and empowering. I know it works because it has shown me over and over again the healing power of love.

What Am I Afraid Of?

To heal means to make whole. If we want to heal our world of its divisions and wounds, we have to heal our minds first so we can access our potential to create a free and peaceful world. Healing involves letting go of the fear that blocks our wisdom. Fear is tricky and can present itself as anger, judgement, guilt, blame, jealousy, or any thought or emotion that leads to our feeling upset and not peaceful. That awareness can help us to say to ourselves, "What am I afraid of? Something I've seen or heard or thought in the past, or that I'm thinking might happen in the future? Something someone else says I should be afraid of?" When we are willing to let go of fear, our first step is to say "How can I look at this situation differently so I can be more peaceful within?"

Freedom to be Peaceful

Freedom can be defined as the absence of fear where no person or situation has control over us. We all want this in our personal, national and international worlds. This freedom can be ours when we choose to let go of our fears...not by focusing on what we're afraid of and pushing it away, or by thinking that someone or something has to change before we can let it go, but by choosing to release it into non-judgmental, compassionate thoughts and peaceful feelings in that moment. This releasing of fear by choosing love is a powerful path to peace.

Our attitude determines how we see people and situations. When we choose to see the world as a place filled with anger, judgement, guilt, blame (all expressions of fear), that's what we see in ourselves and that's what we experience. Everything becomes something to be afraid of. When we look at what's good, kind and loving in those around us, that's what we see in ourselves and that's what we experience. This works in the other direction, too. What we experience within determines our perception of a person or situation. I'm sure each of us can think of times when we realized that our fear of a situation was making it worse. I know I've caught myself thinking, "What am I afraid of?" Fear blocks my ability to be free in that moment to experience peace.

When we are aware of our fear, we have a choice. We can look at the same situations differently and a calmer, more peaceful solution can be found. At that moment, we become from the pressure of our fear and the conflict within and around us that it caused. We become free to experience an inner peace that can then extend to the world beyond.

Smiling from the Heart

Why do we use the Principles of Attitudinal Healing?

Because we’ve experienced that the possible benefits can be:

  • Finding inner peace.
  • Letting go of fear and judgments.
  • An increasing tendency to let things happen rather than feeling the need to make them happen.
  • Releasing unforgiving thoughts.
  • Letting go of being right and making others wrong.
  • Letting go of blame . . . of ourselves and others.
  • Walking through life more lightly.
  • Laughing more, with frequent attacks of smiling through the eyes from the heart.
  • Experiencing ourselves as love.